Anton Oilfield Services Targets Expansion in Iraq

By John Lee.

China's Anton Oilfield Services (AntonOil) has reported that the Group has received written confirmation from its Iraqi customer in advance that it will automatically renew the 2-year contract after its expiry on July 1, 2020 for one year.

In its unaudited interim results for the one year ended 31 December 2019, it added:

"The Group is confident to rely on quality management to continue to create value for customers and strive to provide long-term and continuous management services for the oilfield. In addition, the Group will make every effort to expand towards the markets of other international oil companies in Iraq, actively seek cooperation opportunities with more international oil companies."

It said that its large-scale integrated oilfield management project in Iraq has been running smoothly for one and a half years, and:

"in 2019, the Company obtained a total of approximately RMB2,137.2 million of new orders in the Iraqi market, an increase of approximately 22.8% compared to RMB1,740.5 million in the same period last year; the Company recorded revenue of approximately RMB1419.8 million, an increase of approximately 21.3% from the RMB1,170.6 million in the same period last year."

The company is involved in the development of the Majnoon Oil Field in Basra.

(Source: Anton Oilfield Services)