60 New Projects to be Announced at IBBC Dubai Conference

Iraqi ministers intend to announce and discuss up to 60 intended projects at the IBBC summit conference this weekend in Dubai.

In a surge of confidence, a number of Iraqi ministers will be unveiling a raft of infrastructure, oil, power and industrial projects across numerous industry sectors:

  • Construction: Water treatment, waste water, housing, malls & infrastructure projects
  • Industry & Minerals: 10 new projects, including petrochemicals, methanol and phosphates
  • Oil: 4 new refineries, 3 refurbishments and 2 new initiatives
  • Energy: 32 separate power projects
  • Transport: Port projects and new railways

Vikas Handa, Director of IBBC Dubai says:

We have been pleasantly surprised by the volume of opportunities the Iraqi Ministers have come forward with this Autumn, and it’s clear they are keen to drive forward economic development through major projects. There are also numerous adjacent opportunities on offer for a broad range of sectors.

“For those companies interested to attend the Conference, they will also be able to engage with the Delegation at more intimate round table discussions.

“We welcome companies to enjoy the inside track, to meet the attending ministers and discuss how your company can engage with these opportunities.

To attend, register and sign up for the conference here: www.webuildiraq.org/ibbc-conference/autumn-conference/