Deloitte Report on Oil and Gas in Kurdistan

As the Kurdistan Regional Government has promised, and to prove its commitment to transparency in the entire oil and gas sector of the Kurdistan Region, today the first report by the international auditing company, Deloitte, is released.

The report, which includes verified numbers of export and sales of oil in the Kurdistan Region for the first six months of 2017, is available to the public.

According to the validated numbers, the total revenue generated from oil sales is 3,328,211,119 US Dollars, after deducting expenses. The average oil sales price for that period was 41.29 $/bbl for exported barrel of oil through pipelines, at a time when average Dated Brent price was approximately 51.71 $/bbl.

The auditing project was ordered by the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Regional Government through Decision No. (73) on 3rd of February 2016, as a continuation of Oil and Gas Law, and Oil and Gas Trust Fund Law.

In a transparent process and in accordance with the World Bank guidelines, the Regional Council for Oil and Gas Affairs invited the Big Four international auditing firms in the world and consequently signed Master Service Agreements (“MSA”) with Deloitte and Ernst & Young, after following international tendering standards. According to the MSA’s, the oil and gas sector will be subject to audit, including the historical data.

The Kurdistan Regional Government considers the auditing process as an important step for strengthening transparency in the oil and gas sector of the Kurdistan Region. The KRG has approved Deloitte’s recommendations to further enhance the processes and address any shortcomings. The KRG is also working to develop the accounting and auditing capabilities of the financial monitoring agencies in the Region, in order to empower them for future projects.

This is the first time that reputable and major international companies audit the oil and gas sector in the Kurdistan Region. In the near future, the validated numbers for the second half of 2017, and for the past years will be released to the public.

For further questions, contact information will be provided soon.

  1. Deloitte’s report for first six months of 2017 is accessible through this link (PDF format), in Kurdish, Arabic, and English.
  2. This link (PDF format) consists of 27 frequently asked questions in Kurdish, Arabic and English to help the readers better understand different sections of the report.
  3. This link (PDF format) includes a snapshot (info-graphics) regarding oil exports, local consumption and revenues in the Kurdistan Region, especially average daily exports and daily price of Kurdistan Region’s oil compared to Dated Brent price for the first six months of 2017 in Kurdish, Arabic and English.

(Source: KRG)