GTC to Provide Gasoline Complex for ABG

Houston-based GTC Technology is providing a gasoline production complex project for ABG (Al Barham Group Companies) for the refining and distribution of petroleum products.

The grassroots complex will process 12,000 BPD of straight run naphtha (SRN) and untreated natural gasoline (UNG) blend feed to produce high octane gasoline meeting Euro-V specifications. The plant will be located in the city of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq and is supported by the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

The project consists of three units – a naphtha hydrotreater including a naphtha splitter, a C5/C6 isomerization unit, and a heavy naphtha reforming unit.

The project will be the first to utilize a network of three dividing wall columns (DWCs) in a single gasoline complex. The first application utilizes GT-LPG MAX®, a process developed by GTC using Uniting Wall Column (GT-UWC℠) technology which combines adsorption and distillation in the same column to optimize the overall operation and enhance C3+ recovery. The second application of DWC technology is a three-cut naphtha splitter column capable of producing three high purity fractions. The third application is a super deisohexanizer (Super DIH) combining the conventional depentanizer and deisohexanizer columns.

GT-LPG MAX® will collect and process LPG-rich streams, both vapor and liquid, from different stabilizers within the complex to produce on-spec LPG product at one central location (also within the complex) – thereby, eliminating duplicate equipment across different units. The unit will utilize GTC’s proprietary tower internals for the three DWCs as well as specialty heat transfer equipment to maximize productivity and minimize plot space.

Ilya L. Aranovich (pictured), GTC Licensing Manager, said:

We are pleased to work with ABG to provide our full suite of naphtha processing technology and advanced distillation expertise.

“We are confident that ABG will enjoy the robust, reliable performance of the hydrotreating, isomerization and reforming process designs which are optimized using the latest advanced distillation integrated solutions to maximize the return on investment of the project.

“We are excited to extend our track record of providing leading-edge solutions to improve the economics of naphtha processing facilities in the Middle East and around the world.”

(Source: GTC Technology)