Iraq signs Memorandum of Cooperation with Kuwaiti Company

By John Lee.

Iraq’s Oil Ministry has signed a a memorandum of cooperation with the Kuwait-based company Al-Arfaj, with a view to capturing and using associated gas from Iraq’s oil fields.

Oil Minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi [Allibi, Luiebi] ending gas flaring and using the gas for petrochemical production was a priority for the Ministry.

According to a statement from the Ministry:

“The memorandum included the formation of a coordination committee between the two sides to exchange the information about the projects in the zone and the world. The memorandum included also the desire of the company to participate in the flare gas investment project and the methanol production, as well as to invite the ministry of oil to contribute in the investment of the project of building an oil refinery in India with a petrochemicals complex.”

(Source: Ministry of Oil)